+ Pod

August 2013

Pod is a bed-side table clamp-lamp with detachable lights that can be conveniently transported during the night as a response to most lamps taking up too much space on typical bed-side table designs. Made of Kwila, the design has high durability + the LED’s within the pods provide maximum light without being overpowering for their function. The minimal clamp-base + vertical design creates a space-saving product, with the five ‘branches’ providing versatility + interaction for the user.

The adjustable clamp-base takes up minimal surface area on the table which is only enhanced by its vertical design. The five branches that extend off the main stem allow for the two light pods to be hung in many directions with personal items such as earphones + jewellery be hung off those that aren't in use.

The portability of the pods eliminates the need to turn on bright room lights during the night, with the generous + simple buttons increasing usability. When removed from the branches, the pods can be placed on any of its surfaces due to its faceted aesthetic. Depending on the surface that the pods are placed, they can be used for both task + ambient lighting to create an overall multi-functional + interactive product.

Each Kwila pod was constructed in two halves using a CNC modella + then fitted with its electronics + acrylic cap. All other Kwila parts were hand-crafted + finished.

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