+ Urb

November 2013

Urb is a design with people in mind. The design brings gardening into a small, indoor urban environment in a sculptural + aesthetic way. The design is tailored to the ergonomically ideal working height, so as to ensure minimal back strain for all users. 

Urb came about as a result of a group design project focussing on user safety, originally proposed by Ash Stephens. The design was created with the concept of preventing back strain in an activity plagued by back injuries. The team also sought to bring the joy of gardening into indoor urban homes with limited outdoor space. Urb is a collection of modular pieces that fit together at the concrete bases, creating a continuous row of plants, specifically herbs, that could have as many or as little as the space + user saw fit. The design is minimal in form, however the construction techniques are significantly more complex.

The bases + exterior pots are made of fibrous (fibreglass) concrete to ensure the best strength-to-weight ratio, while each stem is made from 8 steam-bent + laminated pieces of Ash. As well as this, the weight of the pots allow the stem to gently bend + sway when the user interacts with the pieces which adds a dynamic element to the design. The inner pots, that house the herbs, are made from spun aluminium + are easily removable from the concrete pots. This allows the user to remove the pots at will + put them on their kitchen bench if desired. Urb is accented by a red felt base + a red edge on the aluminium pots; a colour chosen to provide an effective contrast with the plants.

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Designed + constructed by Ash Stephens, Caitlin Clark, Cole Holyoake, Emily Stonehouse + Sebastien Voerman