+ Clari-tea

April 2013


Tibetan Singing Bowls are used to symbolise peace, relaxation + clarity. Clari-tea - a tea cup - is a modernised representation of these themes + the culture it draws from. 

In the Tibetan culture, any object considered sacred must not be placed on the ground or near your feet. The idea is replicated here, with the tea portrayed as a sacred ritual that is permanently lifted from the floor. 

Clari-tea aims to glorify + celebrate tea, with sounds of a Singing Bowl being abstractly implied within the overall form. The cup + its base - as two separate entities - together form a symbiotic relationship with the cup dependant on its counterpart to function correctly. 

The cup is constructed of pure clear acrylic, which was initially manually lathed + then CNC lathed to create the fluid form. The cup was then manually sanded + polished to create an opaque appearance. The base was laser-cut in to two pieces out of 2mm pine + then hand-sanded.