Hello. I'm a designer, thinker, and whale-lover.


With an architectural and industrial design background, I offer a unique perspective on design.

Tree planting day, Wairakei Corridor, Taupo

Hello, I'm Ash.

I double-majored in Architecture and Industrial Design at Wellington's Victoria University, New Zealand. During this time I semi-taught myself how to play the guitar, played netball, and was fortunate enough to travel to Nepal and Tibet as part of an architecture paper. The cultures and people of these places fascinated me, and this was used to influence a number of the industrial design projects you'll see within my Showcase (such as Singing Bowl). Shortly after this, I headed back to my hometown, Taupo, and started working as a graphic designer at a young and thriving company called Good Graphic Design. 

I balanced this job with more personal creative work, specifically drawings of wildlife and architecture using super fine pigment ink pens. I layer thousands upon thousands of vertical lines, and concentrate these around specific areas to add detail and contrast. I originally began exploring this while on the Nepal and Tibet expedition, and since then I have continued to refine this process. This allows me to enforce structure—which alludes to the technical—to what are, by nature, organic objects.

I suppose this is my creative approach, to find moments of contrast, which follow structure and logic to inform organic and emotive elements. Ultimately, my background in architecture and industrial design has led me to have a unique perspective on design, and has allowed me to create tension within my designs—no matter the medium.

With that as a base, I'm now embarking on my next challenge of starting up my own graphic design company. Finick Creative blends good ol' creative talent with critical thinking, and is officially ready to inject some aesthetic goodness into the world!